4IDIOTS – Fat Loss 4 Idiots / Weight Loss and Diet Center

Title: Fat Loss 4 Idiots / Weight Loss and Diet Center

Website: http://fatloss4idiots.com/ (affiliate section)

Main category: Health & Fitness

Current gravity: Fat Loss 4 Idiots Trends$grav

fatloss4idiots.com gravity trends

fatloss4idiots.com gravity trends

Fat Loss for Idiots is the most established ClickBank product of 2008. A good indicator of this is its total gravity which is currently stands at 244K which is 33% higher than the product holding second place in this ranking. Their daily gravity is consistently high which means that there is a large number of affiliates steadily making money promoting this product. Gravity gets a significant seasonal boost in January because of increased public interest to weight loss products (New Year resolutions)

Some other highlights:

  • Claimed 2008 sales of $21,145,924.30
  • Independently estimated 2M+ monthly unique visitors (which makes above 21M claim sound realistic)
  • Good PageRank and overall search engine standings
  • In 2007 their top 4 affiliates generated $500,000+ in sales monthly (according to their product description). While impossible to 100% prove my personal gut feel tells me this claim is believable.

Overall 4IDIOTS looks like well established, well converting and overall solid product. If you are into weight management products this one would definitely be worth promoting. PPC competition in this area is extremely stiff so I wouldn’t recommend it to newbie affiliates and faint of heart. However if you have a niche website that has some relevant traffic one of their banners will do good monetizing it. If you are willing to risk it in PPC 4IDIOTS makes it a bit easier by providing Google, Yahoo and MSN conversion tracking.