IPODPSP – Satellite TV for PC – Elite Edition

Title: Satellite TV for PC – Elite Edition

Website: http://www.satellitetvtopc.com/ (affiliate section)

Main category: Computing & Internet

Current gravity: www.satellitetvtopc.com$grav

satellitetvtopc.com gravity trends

satellitetvtopc.com gravity trends

Satellite TV for PC is the second ranking clickbank product by total gravity which is currently stands at 187K. Altough current gravity declined a bit it is a popular product to promote in the digital media niche. As far as I know this one is different from “torrent” type digital downloads.

The competition in this niche if very high so PPC margins can be thin. Also Google likes to slap this kind of products or completely ban related ads. So as with 4IDIOTS I wouldn’t recommend faint of heart and newbies to jump right in. However there is still plenty of money to make in this niche.