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Title: Home Based Options
Website: http://completeparentingguide.com.
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Hello, first i’d like to apologize for posting a PDC product in the CB section, it’s just that I don’t know which section to post it in, I asked a few opinions before hand and they told me this would be the best section to use considering CB denying these kind of products from now on.

I understand some people dislike the products in niches such as PSP, and I can totally understand that, I respect that you don’t want to promote these products, it’s your choice and I respect it so please only constructive criticism.

Network: PayDotCom.
Price: 65% of $36.00.
URL: http://www.PSPExpert.com

For those who advertise in the PSP market already, I feel you need no explanation of the market as i’m sure you already know it’s highly rewarding.

To those who haven’t tried this niche before, it’s one of the hottest, high converting & easy to advertise niches out there. It’s not banned on adwords as far as I know as our affilaites promote this niche through adwords still.

It’s a very easy way to bring in an extra bit of income, if you’re new to IM or PPC then simply slap up a campaign and watch the money flow in, little work’s required. There’s a high converting template found on our affiliate page that should be enough to try this niche out, i’m sure you’ll find it very rewarding and will soon be putting more effort in to see even greater numbers.