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Hey everyone I have a sweet setup to make tons of sales using clickbank.

If you can blog well, post links well, promote a site well, I can tell you right now you will make some serious cash.
If you own a movie/tv/video site that would be ideal!

By request people said I should just post the method here and I think that’s a great idea.

So basically this is how it works:

You need a clickbank account, (you need to be signed up with affiliate program (get a hoplink).

Enter in any subdomain you would like, for example we will say you want the subdomain "digital" that would result in your domain being "".

You may also want to use Graboid with this setup, this will get you sales just for people downloading and setting up a free graboid account, you make "0.70USD" per download/signup. (You can signup for this affiliate account at

Once you have setup your sub domain using your clickbank link (Graboid link too if desired)

You now will have your own domain, in this case it is "" every page within the site gives details to that specific movie/tv show, it also contains relevant youtube/yahoo links and people can also submit their own links and reviews on that movie.

Contained also within each page is a large "download" and "play" button.

The "download" button links to your clickbank hoplink.
The "play button" links to your "graboid" affiliate link.

When someone goes to your subdomain, as they browse around they still remain on your subdomain which means anytime someone clicks the "download" button and signs up at, you make the sale! and if anyone clicks "play" and downloads/signs up at "Graboid" you make the sale!

You can post your subdomain links all around the web to increase sales, get them highly ranked on search engines even better!

Once you’ve setup your subdomain, you will get a link to your admin area emailed to you, when you login and browse the movies/tv shows you will get the "html code" which links to that specific movie page you want to promote.

Please have a look at the site and check it out for yourself. Sign up for a subdomain, enter in your affiliate links and visit your sub domain and I think you will have a much better understanding to as how this is a very benefitial process of selling "" subscriptions!

A large website in which currently uses this system is "" take notice of the banner on the homepage.

If you have any questions, please PM me.
Look forward to speaking/working with you and thanks for reading!