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Hey Guys (and Gals),

Just in time for summer and the huge travel season, I’m releasing my latest product…

Discount Mouse – Literally Save Thousands On Your Next Disney Vacation!

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Affiliates get paid 75% of $27

A few reasons to promote this product…

1) The summer travel season will be beginning soon with the biggest month for vacations being August. People are starting to plan now!

2) With the economy where it is now, savings guides are HOTTT! People still want to do everything they did before the recession, they just need to do it for less.

3) PPC traffic is abundant for this product and keywords are cheap. I have about 1500 good keywords in the affiliate section.

4) First 10 Affiliates To Make A Sale Get 100% Commission!!!

In order to get some momentum behind this baby, I’m going to give the first 10 affiliates to make a sale, 100% commission.

Once you make a sale, all you have to do is PM me your Clickbank ID and your Paypal Address and I’ll send you my portion of the commission.

Click Here To See The Salespage

Click Here To See The Affiliate Resources

Also, let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help you out.


PS – Just giving a shout out to Rich Peck as I used his post format for this launch announcement!