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Title: TVMaximum! #1 TV Show
Website: http://tvmaximum.com
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
Current gravity: tvmaximum.com$grav

satellitetvtopc.com gravity trends

tvmaximum.com gravity trends

Lets face it, Clickbank is the best out there, yourclick-well it sucks.

If you want to keep promoting TV Shows, Movies download products, and maybe Anime and others, then we should help each other find alternatives :)

I found this site (its not mine, but I am an affiliate at the moment)
their cb nickname is tvmaximum, so use xxxx.tvmaximum.hop.clickbank…etc

still running on CB, they have a beautiful members backend and im getting 11.2% refund which is a moving average over 2 months, so trust me :)

conversion rates are 1-50, 1-80 on all days, never higher.

if you have other products which are STILL ON CLICKBANK, or find this one useful just let others know in this thread

lets keep making money!!!

Title: Instant Adsense Cash – Learn How To Make Thousands Of Dollars With Adsense With Very Little Effort & Fast!
Website: http://www.instantadsensecash.com
Main category: Business to Business
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instantadsensecash.com gravity trends

Hi ClickBank Affiliates

I’m happy to announce my latest product launch of instantadsensecash.com, An Instant Adsense Cash Earning E-book techniques!

You all CB affiliates are invited to promote and take the 75% commission of the price of $47.

Act Now, First 10 Affiliates will get 100% commission!!!

Salespage: http://instantadsensecash.com

Affiliates Page: http://instantadsensecash.com/affiliates.html

Commission: 75% Commission of $47 (100% commission on first sale for the first 10 affiliates)

ClickBank Hoplink: http://XXXX.adsensecas.hop.clickbank.net/ (Replace XXXX with your ClickBank Id)


Title: Rock Your Writing Career
Website: http://rockyourwritingcareer.com/join-rywc
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
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Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Rockyourwritingcareer.com, a terrific new membership site focused on taking your fiction writing career to the next level!

Everyone thinks that they have a novel in them and this site is designed specifically to help them get started and then, once they do, help them make the most of their initial success to secure the writing career that they’ve always dreamed of.

I’m a writer myself, having sold fourteen novels in the last eight years (seven of which are current published and seven more coming over the next three years -publishers include Pocket Books, Droemer-Knaur, Gold Eagle and more) and I’ll be taking everything I know and putting it into the site’s contents. My work has been nominated for both the International Horror Guild Award and the Bram Stoker Award, horror fiction’s two highest literary honors. I’m a past president of the Horror Writers Association, the world’s largest organization of professional horror and dark fantasy writers. And my last series, The Templar Chronicles, became a bestseller in Europe. Who better to teach people how to bootstrap their writing careers than someone who’s done it for himself?

Along with the membership program, I’m also launching a new ebook each and every month, which provides affiliates with even more chances to earn revenue. We’re launching the first of those volumes this month – Jump Start Your Novel: The Sure Fire Way to Get Control of Your Novel Before You Write It – which focuses on developing, planning, and organizing novel length writing projects.

Here’s the important information for those interested in taking a look:

Site Address – Rockyourwritingcareer.com
Basic Membership Sales Page – Click Here
Expanded and Premium Membership Sales Page – Click Here

Jump Start Your Novel Sales Page – Click Here

Affiliate Page – Click Here

Product Pricing and Commissions:
$19.95 Basic Membership for the first year (Years two and beyond are $19.95 per month). 50% commission after Clickbank fees.

$47.00 Expanded membership fee per month. 50% recurring commissions after Clickbank fees.

$97.00 Premium membership fee per month. 50% recurring commissions after Clickbank fees.

$47.00 for Jump Start Your Novel – 50% commission after clickbank fees.

If you are looking to offer your customers non-internet marketing related products, then this one might be for you and I’d love to have you partner with me.

Title: HomebreWare – Unlock Your Nintendo Wii To Play Backup and Homebrew Games.. And much more
Website: http://www.homebreware.com
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
Current gravity: homebreware.com$grav

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homebreware.com gravity trends

HomebreWare.com is still #1 in the nintendo wii niche on clickbank and now that wii game download sites are no longer allowed in clickbank, HomebreWare.com is an excellent option to send your nintendo wii traffic to.

We did need to make several changes to the Homebreware site in order to comply with clickbanks new policies and this may cause conversion rates to lower. So in an effort to help out our affiliates we have also added our product to the Plimus.com marketplace under the name of PlayBreware.com. Plimus does not limit what our site can look like so you will see that the PlayBreware.com has a lot more graphics and is sure to convert better than HomeBreware.com. So if you would like to split test with your traffic to see where you get a better ROI then please sign up at Plimus and try to promote us from there also.

Also, we just completed a contest for the month of March where the 3 top affiliates won a total of $850 in BONUS CASH! We will more than likely be holding another contest during the month of May so now is the perfect time to get your new campaigns for HomeBreware.com and PlayBreware.com started.


Title: The 100 Calorie Diet
Website: http://the100caloriediet.com/index.php
Main category: Health & Fitness
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the100caloriediet.com gravity trends

Hi Fellow Clickbankers!

I have just released a new product through Clickbank and I need to know how to attract affiliates. I read today that a guy was going to contact 50 affiliates per day. Where do you find them?

I’ve been "in business" for four days and am selling 1-2 eBooks through my blog at www.The100CalorieBlog.com I have written (and continue to write) many articles for article marketing. What do I do next? I really do need help. I have a great book with four free bonus books and a killer website at www.The100CalorieDiet.com

Any advise, help, suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Title: The 100 Calorie Diet
Website: http://the100caloriediet.com/index.php
Main category: Health & Fitness
Current gravity: the100caloriediet.com$grav

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the100caloriediet.com gravity trends

HELP! Have you noticed the wildly popular 100 Calorie Mini Bites, Little Bites and Snack Packs? This new trend is HOT and consumers are eating them up! The 100 Calorie Diet introduces a fresh new approach to tracking calories in 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 + calorie units. The plan reveals an entirely NEW, EXCITING and EASY way to diet.

Hey, I’m a writer, not a marketer. The 100 Calorie Diet is destined to be THE number ONE eBook on the web, but I need help selling it. We’ve written a KILLER pitch page and an absolutely wonderful diet book that offers four FREE bonuses; The 100 Calorie Food Counter, The 100 Calorie Restaurant and Fast Food Counter, The 100 Calorie Cookbook and The 100 Calorie Food Diary!

I want to personally invite you to become an affiliate for The 100 Calorie Diet! Check us out at www.The100CalorieDiet.com.

Please tell us what you think…

Title: - AdWord Booster
Website: http://www.bux-booster.com/
Main category: Money & Employment
Current gravity: bux-booster.com$grav

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bux-booster.com gravity trends

IT is called Google AdWords Booster. I start to sell it as an Affiliate yesterday with the system in the guide and it is absolute impressive. 21 Sales in 24h. If you want to have a look: http://www.bux-booster.com

Title: Hot 155 Adsense Ready
Website: http://www.adsensepowered.net
Main category: Business to Business
Current gravity: adsensepowered.net$grav

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adsensepowered.net gravity trends

After trying lot of Clickbank products finally i have earned $190 by promoting only one product which offers readymade adsense websites and gives 75% commission to affiliate. I have generated 10 sales last month and nobody requested refund. It’s adsensepowered.net and i think people like to purchase readymade products with the name of Google Adsense.

That’s the my experience.

Title: Website 4 Ransom- Hold Websites For Ransom And Make Big Bucks
Website: http://www.website4ransom.com
Main category: Marketing & Ads
Current gravity: website4ransom.com$grav

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website4ransom.com gravity trends

Ok, so were live and approved..


Affiliate section has a long list of super cheap keywords, we have 70+ PLR articles to spin, a custom audio for your landing pages, and I’m busy making graphics..

Special Affiliate offer till May 1st..

Any affiliate who sends 50 hops a day or 800 hops before May 1st receives an extra 10% on top of the standard 75% CB commissions.. Just Email me on May 2nd with your CD username and Paypal ID and I will send 10% of all your sales extra!

From now till May 1st, we are running a promotional price of $39.99 to ensure quick response. Use this offer and run with it, it’ll give ya a little extra selling juice.. On May 2nd, the price goes up to it’s permanent price of $47.99

Hit me with concerns or questions..

Title: Make More Affiliate Money Without The Information Overload – Affiliate Justice
Website: http://www.affiliatejustice.com
Main category: Business to Business
Current gravity: affiliatejustice.com$grav

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affiliatejustice.com gravity trends

I always see people asking about if they know which Clickbank product is hot right now or which one is converting well.

Well here’s one product where ONE of my affiliates made over $844 in ONE day.

The product sells for $4.97 + $97 one time rebill after 14 days:

There is a larger picture at:


Ok, well now you know which Clickbank product is hot – you have no excuses left! Start making money!



PS: If you want to know more info + affiliate marketing tips, ask here and I’ll reply

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