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I hope I’m allowed to post this here. I see other people posting product launches and whatnot, so I wanted to plug mine.

Product: eBook for Teaching Job Candidates : How to Get a Teaching Job


  • Teaching Job Interview Book – Sales Page
  • Affiliate Page

Commission: 60%, About $10 per sale

Converts well during "hiring season" for schools (May – August). 10% gravity. Thousands of copies sold to-date – no exaggeration. Refunds are rare.

The sales page is well written. No adsense. No leaks. No email opt-in. Professional graphics. To-the-point, but convincing. All testimonials are real and unsolicited. Priced right for the market.

Many of my affiliates are BUMs (bum marketers, that is), and education website owners. I don’t know much about AdWords, but I suppose if you know what you’re doing it would convert there as well.

I invite you to give this product a try. Now is the beginning of "teacher hiring season." The product will convert very well through August, then it won’t pick up again until about this time next year.

Thanks for reading. And best of luck to all with your affiliate marketing.

– Tim

P.S. Serious affiliate marketers can PM me to request a free copy to review. Don’t just PM me and say, "Send me a free copy." Prove your serious by telling me something about yourself and your marketing style.