MAGNIWORK – Magniwork – The Energy of Tomorrow

Title: Magniwork – The Energy of Tomorrow
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I’m proud to announce a project that I have put a lot of effort in.

The product is very hot, and I’m not hyping it up, it is the water4gas of the energy niche, at least I think so.

The product is a DIY kit for a free energy generator, basically a generator which can lower the power bill or even completely eliminate it. And yes, this method works!

The testing phase started at the beginning of this week and the results were phenomenal. This sold like crazy!!! And it went viral, people start sharing it between themselves.

I tested this product along with 2 very good affiliates, one did PPC, while me and the other one did bum marketing. The outcome was great! Very High conversion rate, even with a consistent 1:15 conversion, which is very good for a product paying out 33$.

I wasn’t trying to make this public before launch day, however, probably from the CB marketplace, some unknown(to me) affiliates picked it up, and started promoting, so even before the official launch, this product got a gravity of about 8, and I wasn’t even trying to get gravity, in the contrary, I was trying no to get any publicity and keep this whole thing silent until I test it out.

Here are some conversion shots:

From the screenshot above, you can see that it CONVERTS LIKE CRAZY and it goes viral like crazy, I’ve also received dozen of hits coming from e-mail addresses, meaning people e-mail their friends about this.

Youtube will be perfect for promoting this, since the videos go really viral.

The hoplink is: (replace xxxx with your CB ID)

Affiliate material here:

This might well be the new water4gas, it sure has the potential.
The potential market is huge, I mean, anyone could be interested in buying this!

Hop on aboard early!