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Title: Easy Home Surveillance
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Announcing a new Clickbank product offering 75% commission to affiliates!

The product is called . (URL) This guide explains in detail how to set up a covert home surveillance system that can monitored remotely from a cellphone or computer. This can be used to prevent theft, watch employees or housekeepers, check in on the house while on vacation, catch cheating spouses, check in on pets, or monitor a nanny or caregiver. While traditional home surveillance systems cost hundreds of dollars, we show customers how to achieve the same results for free.

Why will this be hot?

* People like to know what is going on at their homes while they are away.
* Today’s new cellphones make this easier than ever, but people don’t know how to get started.
* This is a completely untapped market with virtually no competition.
* The price. We have chosen a price point ($29.99) that is reasonable to the customer, but also earns affiliates a healthy commission.

What’s our target market?

* Those in the workforce who spend their days away from home.
* Mothers of young children who are attended by a babysitter.
* Those with a spouse that can’t be trusted.

On the affiliate page I’ve provided keyword lists and other information with much more to come in the following days. I’m really optimistic about this niche, and I am committed to offering my affiliates all of the support they need.