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Title: Become a Game Tester
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Though CB approved the product some time back, i was split testing and did not announce the product here for affiliates to promote. Now that the copy is tweaked, I am inviting all of you to take a look.

If you want to make some serious cash through affiliate marketing then this is definitely the product you want to promote. With the Gamers around the world, this is a market which has so much potential.

There are few products in this niche and has a steady gravity for 2yrs now which shows there is always a market for this. They are still converting with old graphics & old sales letter.

But imagine a brand new, high converting product, would nt you care to try ?

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($xxxx has been spent so far, with graphics, very good copywriter to make this product a winner, for PPC testing)

Product Price: $39.99 and backend at $29.99 Per Sale
Total Commission: 75% of the total sale – $26.5 Per Sale (+ $20.05 per sale )

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Conversion stats :

I have been running PPC campaigns with this one with some good results with direct advertisement. Some affiliate even got one sale.

I have not even optimized these campaigns. But I have seen some conversion stats at 1.5% to 50%. Imagine a optimized campaign, a landing page, anyone can easily make sales.

Shoot me up with any questions you have regarding this niche.
I can assist.

You can see that there are no refunds which means customers are happy.
So hope to see you on board!