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Hi fam,

Another launch by yours truly, I’ve been sleeping on this one with a small team so far to test out our pages/conversions and how best to approach this market… I’m proud to say that we’re one of the first to combine all the features you find in most optimizers, as well as an advanced spyware engine into one powerful tool.

Approved last week, grav. is at 10+, avg sale makes you $56 (full range is between $26-$135/per conversion). I’m REALLY happy with the way the software itself has turned out. No refunds so far, in fact not even one customer support inquiry.

Sales Page: CLICK HERE >>
Affiliate Resource Page: CLICK HERE >>

Benefits of this program compared to others:
* Multiple sales pages to send your hops to (PREMIUM!)
* Bypass Merchants page (DIRECT SALES ENABLED!)
* We strip the …com/?id=affname << part from your click
* HOT Viral Software demo with YOUR CBID attached
* 75% commission | Proven Conversions Pre-Launch
* The planets best and growing sales tools
* No restrictions on brand name bidding/marketing
* We don’t market internally or compete with you

I worked my ass off on this one, and even designed the GUI for the software itself working with a world renowned programming team (this thing cost me a lot of money! It’s 100% custom and bullet proof – not a cheap knock off from offshore reverse-engineer scammers)…

Yes there’s other software, reg cleaners, optimizers, similar tools at CB, but no you won’t find a higher payout, and I’m anticipating better conversions than most CB top-listed products due to our dynamics and creative execution…

If you also run an optimizer or reg cleaner offer, please refrain from posting in this thread to recruit to your programs, you know who you are…

Here’s some conversions to check out – **NOTE: The crazy high hops are from a few guys that are converting on bullshit traffic somehow (one is from foreign PPC – like the guy is bidding on NON english speaking territories only, I’m getting traffic from him from every country EXCEPT us/canada/uk/aus…), and the other guy is using a traffic exchange site (almost banned him too!). First time I’ve ever seen junk traffic convert, but that also tells me that general traffic and untargeted traffic is indeed still targeted, because EVERYONE with a PC is a target.

I’ve also put up a live simulation of how the software operates, and it’s offered as a downloadable lander, or as a standalone lander which you can point your traffic to using our advanced hoplink system – PREVIEW HERE >>

There’s tons of bonuses and prizes which are listed on the aff page, I’m willing to up the commissions to those that can bring volume sales, and I would love to see as many of you on this program as possible so please ask questions, make suggestions, let me know what YOU need in order to bank with this offer! *I’ve made sure that NOTHING happens in the demo to affect sales for you guys – i.e. NO free cleaning, NO cookie removal, NOTHING works except a scan/report, and they are prompted to register to complete the rest… I’ve also enabled a way for YOU to distribute the demo.exe install AND cookie your user at the same time, so they don’t even have to go through your hoplink, YOU give them the install (and cookie), they install/run the demo/get prompted to register/they register/you get commission without them ever visiting the site before.

**I implemented the rotator script on this one as well, so if you send 100 hops, your CBID goes into our rotator and you can make sales off of our type in first visit traffic (explained on the aff page as well – but it’s a cool bonus and is working well for our other offers).

At the end of my day, I’ve learned that no matter how great we all make our offers, it makes NO SENSE to recruit affiliates to brand new programs until they are proven, and thus is the reason why you’ve only heard about this now (well those on my VIP forum knew/are already banking on it). I’m growing to appreciate this new approach as the programs naturally attract and KEEP affiliates on board due to constant conversions not just lucky ones here and there… Having said that – we’ve proven a pretty awesome conversion rate and most customers are purchasing the mid to large packages so far which is pleasant to see.

Thanks for taking the time guys, I look forward to hosting you on this one!!