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New ClickBank product! I need your feedback.

RTFMBOOK is here and I need your feedback!
60% Commission on all sales.


All information is 100% real and verified by ClickBank.
I am approved and I am now on CB Datafeed.

The Idea:
This is a 413 Page book (will be released on Amazon as a PRINTED version later this year). The book is based on my detailed statistical reports (included in the download) of more than 26000 ClickBank transactions that I have accumulated over the last 4 years. It is a true story about my own experience with ClickBank and how I was able to generate more than $503,000 and counting. I have redirected more than 10,000,000 hits to ClickBank during this time. It’s true.


My CB account Ids are: ZMARKET, GOOGLEHOP, GUIDEDKING for those who tracked my affiliate referrals

All Products that have ever been sold by me analyzed on the site and TOP 50 PRODUCTS (BEST SELLERS) have been selected for complete analysis in the book.

One time charge of $19.95
(I don’t want to overcharge as the economy is still in a bad shape)

What do I need:
1) I want your honest opinion about the site (if you have questions I will answer ALL OF THEM, use Contact form on the site)

2) Tell my what do I need to change to attract YOU as my affiliate partner…

You can’t insult me with your ideas or suggestions. I will listen to ALL of you…
This is my First Product and I would like to make it a GOOD ONE!