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Hey Guys,

Thought I would drop in and let you know about my new product that has just been approved.

This one is in a very hungry niche!

2012 – or rather the truth surrounding it and how to survive it!

The sales page has some cracking copy on it and we are still tweaking and adding to it so expect to see a few changes to maximize conversions.


How much can you make?

The guide sells for $47 and you get 75% so about $35 a bit less after cb fees.

How to promote?

Well there is a list of keywords on the aff page, and there is so much interest in this niche that articles will work well too and many long tail keywords that you can rank high for!

Check out the affiliate area which we will be adding more tools too:


This one should climb fast and with the movie interest as well should be a good niche at least until 2012 :)

If you need any help send me a quick email to support@2012contact.com

Make some CB cheques to be proud of!

All the best