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Hey guys,

We have a new survey site I have been sitting on for a while. We recently just started having our people go out and recruit new affiliates since we have refined our sales process and increased conversions significantly.

Right now you earn $31 per sale. Some affiliates are having conversions of about 5%. Currently there are only a couple of affiliates promoting but with your help hopefully that will soon change.

If you’re currently promoting Paid Survey sites… I urge you to give this a quick try. You pretty much have nothing to loose. Most paid survey sites only pay out $23.50 with conversions below 1.2% most times.

We have seen consistent conversions on average of 3% for all quality affiliate traffic and pay out $31 per sale. Plus we have just added bonuses.

Check out our affiliate page for more information

If you have a mailing list related to the work at home, home business or make money online niche… This is the perfect opportunity to blast out an email. The site converts well on email traffic as well.

Also, we have a huge list of over 28k work at home subscribers and will be willing to do AD SWAPS with people who send some sales via their mailing list to our survey site.

(PM ME for more details on adswaps)

Now, since this and DP and our site has an opt in page, I know there are a few people on here that think its a total waste of time to send traffic to an opt in page. THIS COULD NOT BE ANY FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

The reason why they think that is because they feel the main job of any sales process is to get the prospect to the ORDER FORM. And they think when you have an opt in page then less people will see your order form because they have to opt in first.

Well, that is partly true but then again…

With an opt in page, its even better because you weed out the tire kickers who probably would have not ordered your product in the first place. (Most times this is the case but the only way to know for sure is through testing)

Secondly, when ever you are using an opt in page on a website most people accept opt in rates of 15-30%. Our opt in page is currently converting at 55-65% on quality traffic. So that means more people will see the order page with our site compared to a regular opt in page that preforms averagely.
(We’ve been split testing for months)

Thirdly, we have done many split tests with and without the capture page and our tests have shown a huge increase on overall sales conversions with a capture page as oppose to not having one.

So if you’re a still none believer, you better start believing that sending traffic to capture pages (opt in page, squeeze page. Same thing.) is not always a complete waste of time. Besides, you really have to be careful who you take advice from online because anyone nowadays can come across as an expert when they don’t know JACK SQUAT!

Don’t get me wrong. In some cases you may be better off sending traffic to a normal landing page, but with our site a opt in page converts the best and we use them in all of our niches.

We only based numbers off of proven facts which in this case those facts are splits tests and other sales process data that we have accumulated over a long period of time.

Let me know if you guys have any questions.