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Don’t make money promoting XBOX 360 RROD Repair Guides… Too Saturated

Instead, make money with a new niche: A Fix for the Yellow/Red Light on the PS3!

Attention all Clickbank Affiliates and DP Forum Members,

I’ll try not to appear scammy, as we can all spot a fraudster from a mile away and we are all very busy people, so I’ll cut to the chase.

Today, I am officially launching my product:

What is all about? Well, as PS3′s age, so does their insides and their ability to work properly. A new phenomenon is occurring and that is the ‘Yellow’ and ‘Red’ Light, which basically means that the PS3 displays a yellow or red light, when the hardware fails. And so, as affiliates, you can leverage this problem with the PS3′s. There has even been a lawsuit filed against Sony for this issue!

Take a loot at some recent search graphs from Google Insights:


In other words, this niche is showing no signs of slowing down!

We recently did a test to see what our product converts at. We used Yahoo Answers as a test and we found that after answering only 4 questions, we got a sale! In other words, 1 IN 4! Not bad!

Below are some stats about the product:
Affiliate Materials:

Category: Fun and Entertainment / Games
Price: $29
You earn: $19.37 per conversion after CB fees
Earnings: 75%!
Network: ClickBank ID = ps3fix
Payment Type: Check Bi-Weekly / Bank Transfer
Hop Link: (Replace xxx with your CB ID)

We don’t have any annoying pop-ups or any email capture boxes on our sales page, unlike other vendors that do this, so that we can maximize your chances of getting sales and increasing conversion.

What about Review Copies? You can access our review copy section by going to:
Please PM me if you want the user name and password, and I will be more than happy to send you the security details.

Why promote Well, this niche shows no signs of slowing, so get in now, as this will be saturated soon, just like the XBOX RROD niche was!

How do I promote this niche?
This niche is very good for yahoo answers (though not recommended for the long term), article marketing, web 2.0 and forums. This niche is very easy to rank and there are COUNTLESS keywords for this niche, just use Google’s keyword tool.

So again, you can get all the material from here:

If anyone needs assistance, you can email me at or PM me or reply below.

Thanks and good luck with your campaigns,

Title: PS3 Fixer YLOD No More PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death Guide
Main category: Computing & Internet
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Need some extra PayPal cash?

Send 3 sales to and get exactly that!

For a limited time, everyone who sends 3 sales gets $20 into their PayPal accounts.

ClickBank ID = ps3fixer
sales page =

Need custom promo tools? Hit me up.

Title: Download Private Label Rights eBooks – PLR eBook Club -
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
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News Update:
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Hello DP Members,

I have good news!

Your referrals asked and we delivered.

In our vision of always giving out the best products and services
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Stay tuned for my next email to find out exactly when the changes
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However you can start promoting, as the brand new sales page is
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Main category: Fun & Entertainment
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Hi Guys,

Some of you may or may not know, but I prelaunched my product not that long ago on this very forum. It just got approved by CB only 3 days ago. I am not officially launching the product here just yet, but you can begin to promote it if you wish. But what I am looking for is an affiliate that will partner up with me and promote this product to get some stats and THEN I will launch it here, with the stats (as proof).

Remember that I am only looking for ONE affiliate that will work with me, but the product is free for anyone else that wishes to promote. I pay 75% of $29. Also, remember that the affiliate must have some experience in promoting.

And, in return you will get 20 articles (custom written) that you can use for your article marketing (you can specify the niche of which they will be written for). :)

The site is at PS3LIGHTSFIX.COM, which is basically a fix for the yellow/red light of death on the PS3.

Thanks to all,

P.S. If you have promoted/experience in the XBOX 360 RROD niche, then this could be for you… :p

Main category: Computing & Internet
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Not going to make it a fancy "big colorful words" thread.

Announcing – the latest guide on how to Fix Your PS3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD).

Why is this one different? My PS3 Actually broke, and I actually had to fix it myself. Thus, the website will provide unique "ask all you want" support, so refunds should be next to 0!

Price – $23.99

$/sale – $18 (75%)
*price may change, feedback on price appreciated

ClickBank ID – ps3fixer

Hoplink -

Promo tools – request in this thread, will be updated to the Affiliates page

I wrote the sales page after trying to find something useful myself. All the guides I found were pretty much useless.

Thus, the wording is exactly what an angry gamer with a broken PS3 needs to buy the guide.

Feedback kindly appreciated :)


Title: BreWii – Wii HomeBrew – Unlock your Wii
Main category: Business to Business
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I’v just updated the homepage at – I’ve tweaked it for better conversions, and I’ve added a video.

You can also download the video to use it on Youtube or wherever:

Plus a ton of affiliate tools:

This one is really going to convert easy for the holidays.

Main category: Fun & Entertainment
Current gravity:$grav gravity trends gravity trends is live and ready for promotion!

Price : $37
Payout: 75% or $26
Affiliate Hop Link:

Affiliate section –

NOTE : Clickbank shows $/sale – $20 which is incorrect as the first 2 sales were made with the default commission of 30%

PS3Magic – Ultimate Product To Install Linux On Your Ps3. Quick $26 Commission.
$/sale: $20.01 | Future $: – | Total $/sale: $20.01 | %/sale: 60.0% | %refd: 86.0% | grav: 1.66

It has been rectified and the actual commission is now %75 that is $26/sale!

If you have any suggestions about the website please let me know.


PS : I’m glad to inform you people that we had over 50 affiliates join us over this week in our beta launch. Everything has been tested, conversions optimized and more promotional tools added. The product is great and pretty easy to promote. We’re excited to invite more affiliate partners to our program over the launch period.

I’m thrilled to announce our first Affiliate contest for PS3Magic for the month of Nov – Dec 09. (End Date – 25th December).

The prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st Place (most sales minus refunds) = $500
2nd Place (2nd most sales minus refunds) = $250
3rd Place (3rd most sales minus refunds) = $100


Only 1 prize per affiliate. If you use multiple affiliate ID’s you can only win 1 prize. Winners will be paid via Paypal on 27th December’2009.
We will post the 1st 4 letters of the winning affiliates ID’s and you will need to contact us to claim your prize. (This is for privacy)

Title: GameBackupSystem – Keep Any Game Backed Up!
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
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Yo peepz i am going to make some advertising available on my website very very very soon so if anyone needs advertising space for the websites/products please ask within. My site has been getting between 400-800 hops a day and it is working its way up the Google search enginge.

Mr Hilton

Title: PLR eBook Club – Exclusively Limited!
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
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I don’t want this great community to miss out on a great opportunity.

Product is launching in 2 Hours. Conversions are looking very high at the moment.


Title: Cafe World Secrets | Cafe World Strategy | Cafe World Guide
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
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Hi everyone.

I’ve recently launched cafeworlddomination in conjunction with the game on facebook and I believe it’s the next big thing. For all of you who have promoted farmvillesecrets, you’d already be familiar with it’s gravity and how well it converts for you.

I assure you, this is more of the same. Do drop me comments on how you think this is going, or if you are already an affiliate for these, I’d love to hear from you. Here it is below:

Sales page:
Affiliate Page:


Hoplink: (replace youridhere with your clickbank id / username)

Payout %: 75% of $27 (You’ll earn around $18 per sale on Clickbank)

Rooting for you,
Tony ‘T Dub’ Sanders.

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