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Title: How To Improve Memory Naturally – By Gilbert Nelson
Main category: Health & Fitness
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I bought this product a while back and I basically rebuilt it from the ground up. New domain, new sales copy, new ebook!

I’m a newbie vendor so this is my cherry pop, but I’ve been studying this thing like a mad man for months. The one thing I’ve learned during the process is that sure it’s sometimes better to be a vendor but that doesn’t mean there is less work! But I’m proud of the work I put in and the support I will give my affiliates. I also didn’t copy ANYONE’s existing products or sales page to make mine.

Why You Should Give This a Try

  • I’m dedicated to making this happen and helping you make money.
  • I’m a noob vendor but I’ve been an IMer since 2005. I know what you need and how to help you.
  • My affiliate page won’t go stale. I will constantly update the keywords and add new content and techniques.
  • Well written sales copy with a warm, friendly, inviting design that gives a more helpful feel than a bright white pitchy sales page.
  • You can sell this to 2 markets. People with poor memories and people who want self improvement. Improved memory is a key building block for a better quality of life.

This niche has 10 CENT KEYWORDS! Nuff said. As I research and build more cheap and related keyword lists I will update the affiliate page. I will also be adding new banners, landers, squeeze pages, and free ebook samplers for you to giveaway and build your list!

If you’re tired of writing articles like a slave then join the affiliate mailing list on the affiliates page. I will teach you about the life beyond article marketing and how you can become a professional marketer that gets traffic from all over! I know how to get dirt cheap ($0.10 and below) clicks on social networks like Facebook and Myspace, and where to buy traffic from teenagers that own 10,000 and 20,000 UV per day sites and have no idea how much to charge for a monthly banner!


Main Sales Page: Improve Memory

Aff Page: Affiliate Program.

Hop Link: How To Improve Memory Naturally

The Product is Now LIVE On ClickBank.
Be one of the first to start making money on thsi niche! Give this niche a shot now!

Title: Untitled 1
Main category: Health & Fitness
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Hey Guys,

I am launching a new product called Pimpthat Ringtone. I have submitted to clickbank and awaiting for approval, hopefully it gets approved.

It basically helps mobile users create ringtones. The good thing about this product is that it is compatible with a lot of phones, it is not meant for a specific type of phone. So it is basically attracts a huge market – the wireless market.

Promote this product and earn 75% commission. So you get around 26 buks a sale.
This product is also in the Plimus, PayDotCom, Click2Sell marketplace. These are also great affiliate programs just like clickbank.

My sales page is

Promote Through paydotcom:…mpthatringtone

Promote Through Click2Sell:…productId=7456

Register with plimus and find Pimpthat Ringtone in the market place

I am currenty working on the affiliates page. If you have any comments or constructive advice I would be happy to hear.


Title: The Addicts Guide
Main category: Health & Fitness
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Recently launched my first major ebook and just getting started on CB with only 3 sales thus far, about ready to move it to ejunkie simply to get paid immediately, have yet to receive a check, but will give it the summer.

Hope to recruit a few affiliates (60% on $19.95 book)

You can view my pitch page here for this very well planned out manual on addiction recovery. Truly has 6 years of experience and research poured into this 75 page guide.

Thanks for looking.

Website: http://www.Quit-Smoking-4-Ever.Com/
Main category: Health & Fitness
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I am proud to announce the launching of:

How Much Do You Make Per Sale?
Right Now The Product Sells For 37.00 Dollars, So You Get 25.00 per Sale.
We are also adding an exiting pop up that gives customers a discount so this will increase your conversions!

Sales Page:

Affiliate Page:

We will add articles and more affiliate materials soon