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Title: Fast n Easy Diet!
Main category: Health & Fitness
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As the title says "Fast n Easy Diet" is another guide written to train the reader to be knowledgeable and become a fat loss expert himself. Purposefully written in simple to read, easy to follow format like video and speech. At the end of the day, you will become physically and mentally tough to become a fat loss expert and understand the work condition of your body to live life full of richness and happiness.

As or society becomes more affluent and the trend to eat out at fast food outlets and buy processed food to eat, our population has become overweight and deteriorated in health due to eating food with hidden fats, saturated fat, sugar, presevatives, artificial coloring and the lack of exercize as we glue to our computers all day. This guide teaches us how to lose weight and maintain healthy body. Afiliates are welcome to signup and promote it.

site is

Main category: Health & Fitness
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Discover The Desperate Market That Will Literally Stuff Cash In Your Pockets Starting Today!

Statistics on the frequency of heartburn and acid reflux (GERD) show that 7% of Americans have heartburn everyday and 14% suffer it at least once every week. Alternative estimates suggest that GERD affects about 20% of the adult American population, mostly those in their forties or older.

Imagine 20 million americans in pain, holding credit cards in their hands and looking for pain relief! Are you going to give it to them? Are you man enough to take their money and give them what they want?

Product: Acid Reflux Diet Cure – How To (finally) Cure Acid Reflux And Heartburn With 100% Natural Remedies

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Title: Fast Weight Loss. The Healthy Weight Loss Solution –
Main category: Health & Fitness
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Hello All,

We have just re-released the Simple Diet Guide with completely new branding which include updated Pitch Pages, Promotional Content and ofcourse our Members Area.
Clickbank Site ID – dietguide

Our Members now have access to not just One Book but Six! All of which are dedicated to the main Areas for Successful Weight Loss.

These are as follows:

1. Introduction to Weight Loss to ensure our Reader is in the correct frame of mind to realize what changes need to be made for maximum results.

2. Healthy Eating does not mean cutting out your favorite foods, it simply means that if you eat these foods in moderation then Weight Loss is easily achievable.

3. Staying Hydrated is extremely important for any Weight Loss Results, but this does not mean you have to drink Water and in most cases Alcohol is completely fine.

4. Weight Loss does not have to cost you the world and we shed the light on some seriously effective money saving tips.

5. As our slogan says "Understand your body and you will reach your goals!" and this is completely true, we teach our Members how to manipulate their bodies to increase their Metabolism and introduce the facts on Anabolism and Catabolism.

6. Introducing Basic Exercises into your Lifestyle can be fun and very effective at maintaining a steady Metabolic rate. We provide many basic exercises for our Members to try no matter what size they are.

These are the Books available to our Members who also get a Calorie Diary Sheet to record their daily calories, an Online Healthy Diet Generator which we store online which gives our members the ability to print a shopping list of healthy foods to purchase and ofcourse our Online Forums allowing our Members to communicate with each other on their Weight Loss Journey.

Enough of what our Members get, what is in it for our Affiliates? …

* Static 75% Commision on Gold & Platinum Sales
* Direct Support via our Team which includes:
– Custom Graphics for your Campaigns (Banners etc)
– Guides for SEO/Adwords/Articles/Blogging
– Direct Communication with me everyday for help with promotions
– Free Hosting for all Promoters of SDG (Coming Soon!)
– Latest News on Updates to Members Area / Book so you can update your Articles/Adwords/Blogs etc as soon as we offer something new!
* The ability to work alongisde our professional PHP & MySQL Coder granting you direct support for any free custom modifications to your Blogs, Sites and Forums (If they are used for promoting SDG)

Need Help with the Weight Loss Niche?

No Problem! I have written a 30 page easy to read eBook explaining how to dominate the Weight Loss Market using the Simple Diet Guide.

Download @

All Promotional Content is also available on this page.

Future Plans for our Niche Sites which include Simple Diet Guide:

An Affiliate Panel allowing our Promoters to manipulate our Web Sites allowing dynamic control of every aspect from Colour, Content, Images and much more. This will allow maximum Conversions by relating the Pitch Pages to suit our Promoters Articles, Blogs and PPC Campaigns.

Who runs Simple Diet Guide?

We are not a one man band like many sites on Clickbank, we are a team of 6 highly qualified experts who run many Niche web sites and we specialize in the fields of Marketing, Web Design, Graphics and PHP / MySQL Coding so expect nothing less than Top Support in your Campaigns.

Thankyou for Reading and i look forward to hearing from any of you.

Nick – Web Site & Affiliate Manager
Email –
ICQ – 71544835

Title: | The life of abundance
Main category: Health & Fitness
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I got a new Url for it after it’s been up on clickbank for a month or so. I got a new Url because I got the salespage designed. Now if I change the Url on clickbank do I need to relaunch it or something because I had way more hops before I got the new url.

The other Url may have been easier to find Idk.

Title: My Organic Food Garden
Main category: Health & Fitness
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I notice that the guy who did Earth4Energy also has a program for organic vegetable gardening here There seems to be a lot of new interest in this area because of the recession and because the Obamas planted their own garden. But does gardening have the same level of interest to it as alternative energy? Anyone have experience with this program? What do you think about the potential of the area compared to other Clickbank programs?

Title: Blood Pressure Truth
Main category: Health & Fitness
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I’ve been contacting some people individually but I figure if new product announcements are allowed then this will be too. Mods, if I am breaking any rules with this post then pls feel free to delete it, however I think it will be helpful (just don’t ban me please!) and I don’t believe it is appropriate for Marketplace. It is appropriate here, for CB vendors

Many of you here will know that I am an existing CB vendor with several products (

One of the tools I offer my affiliates is a dynamic landing page. For example, if the affiliate’s CB id is "xxxxx" and they are promoting my blood pressure product, they can send their visitors to any of the urls below:

These landing pages have been popular with my affiliates submitting to article directories like ezinearticles (the url does not look like an affiliate link) and also with PPC affiliates – it saves all my affiliates from having to construct their own page and it also allows them better conversions than direct linking. It even supports tracking via Clickbank TIDs so you can monitor which links are bringing the most clicks and sales. And not just this, but all these links will bring you "link juice" in Google’s eyes from backlinks to your site (regular hoplinks don’t give you any link juice at all).

I can create a dynamic landing page for your site (you can easily edit it later if you wish) and tell you how to install it (just requires uploading and editing some files) or give you the help you need to install it (even do it myself if you want).

The landing page should convert nicely because it’s the structure I use for my own. But of course, the layout is simply my own suggestion and once installed you are free to improve it yourself in your favourite website editor, indeed I recommend it as you know your product better than anyone else and can therefore pre-sell it better than anyone else.

I’m pricing this at just $197. Considering the time I will spend on it, I think this is very economical indeed. It’s only the equivalent of 3 or 4 sales but could attract more affiliates and bring you many times more sales.

Of course, I’m happy to do the work first and show you the final working version that you agree on before payment. So there’s no risk to you at all. But please only take me up on this if you are serious about wanting a dynamic landing page for your affiliates as I will be taking great care in doing the work and don’t want to waste my time.

If you’re interested then just PM me and I can get started.

If you have any questions whatsoever then please just let me know, preferably in this thread so everyone can benefit (unless you want confidentiality then just PM me instead).

Look forward to hearing from you,


Title: The 100 Calorie Diet
Main category: Health & Fitness
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Hi Fellow Clickbankers!

I have just released a new product through Clickbank and I need to know how to attract affiliates. I read today that a guy was going to contact 50 affiliates per day. Where do you find them?

I’ve been "in business" for four days and am selling 1-2 eBooks through my blog at I have written (and continue to write) many articles for article marketing. What do I do next? I really do need help. I have a great book with four free bonus books and a killer website at

Any advise, help, suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Title: The 100 Calorie Diet
Main category: Health & Fitness
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HELP! Have you noticed the wildly popular 100 Calorie Mini Bites, Little Bites and Snack Packs? This new trend is HOT and consumers are eating them up! The 100 Calorie Diet introduces a fresh new approach to tracking calories in 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 + calorie units. The plan reveals an entirely NEW, EXCITING and EASY way to diet.

Hey, I’m a writer, not a marketer. The 100 Calorie Diet is destined to be THE number ONE eBook on the web, but I need help selling it. We’ve written a KILLER pitch page and an absolutely wonderful diet book that offers four FREE bonuses; The 100 Calorie Food Counter, The 100 Calorie Restaurant and Fast Food Counter, The 100 Calorie Cookbook and The 100 Calorie Food Diary!

I want to personally invite you to become an affiliate for The 100 Calorie Diet! Check us out at

Please tell us what you think…

Title: Blood Pressure Truth
Main category: Health & Fitness
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Following on from my other recent launch I’ve also had another success that converts at a great 1 in 30! See the proof below from one of my affiliates:

"B.l.o.o.d P.r.e.s.s.u.r.e T.r.u.t.h"
Earn 75% ($25 per sale) Commissions

I used the same successful copywriting technique as for my tinnitus product, hence the great conversion of 1 in 30.

Why should I promote this niche?
  • High blood pressure affects 50 million Americans alone.
  • Causes anxiety for sufferers (high desire for a cure) because high b.p. leads to premature death from stroke and heart disease.
  • Drugs are only somewhat effective and are riddled with common (not infrequent but common) bad side effects such as frequent urination etc.
  • Medical industry acknowledges that natural methods should be used first for the vast majority of people and drugs only a last resort for small minority of people who still need them (or first line in very rare cases of extreme high b.p.).
Why should I promote this product?
  • 75% commission
  • 1 in 30 conversion
  • lots of affiliate tools (banners, keywords, articles, dynamic landing pages, more to come)
  • stellar product (I wrote it myself), 30 sales so far and only 1 refund.

Check out the affiliate tools section for yourself now:

Over the next 2 weeks I am going to heavily promote this and update all my affiliate tools on all my sites, including this one.

Any questions? Just ask.


Title: Create Your Own White House Garden
Main category: Health & Fitness
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Announcing a new Clickbank product offering 75% commission to affiliates!

The product is called . (URL) We carefully researched the Obama’s garden and offer the inside scoop on exactly what they are planting, and what techniques they are using. And best of all, it is the only product that offers this valuable information. I’ve maintained my own vegetable garden for years and have solid expertise in this area. As soon as I heard the announcement that Michelle was breaking ground on their garden, I got to work researching and writing this guide. I wrote every word of it myself so I can personally attest to the quality of the information it contains.

Why will this be hot?

  • The Obamas are one of the most high profile, trend setting families in the world. See what Michelle did for J. Crew? Expect to see it again with her organic vegetable garden.
  • An estimated 43 million Americans are planning a vegetable garden for this year, up 19 percent from a year ago, so the market is absolutely huge.
  • The price. I know affiliates generally look for high priced products, but my tests have shown that especially in this economy, our price is just right. We’ve picked a price that is reasonable and affordable for all and are offering our affiliates 75% commissions. I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation where we’re lured by high commissions only to find out that the high price of the product is driving customers away.
  • The timing. Spring is just begun and it’s the perfect time to get planting!

What’s our target market?

  • Fans of the Obamas.
  • The 43 million Americans who are planning a vegetable garden for this year

On the affiliate page I’ve provided keyword lists, banners, email campaigns, and downloadable landing pages, with much more to come. I’m really optimistic about this product, and will offer my affiliates all of the support they need including my personal email address.

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