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Title: Download Private Label Rights eBooks – PLR eBook Club -
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News Update:
New High Converting Banners Were Just Uploaded!
New Salespage Was Just Uploaded! as of Nov 29, 2009(Download Unique Private Label Rights & Resale Rights Products…)
New Salespage Process Implanted!
Recurring Commission Was Increased!
====> PLR eBook Club Recurring Commission Monthly Affiliate Program

Hello DP Members,

I have good news!

Your referrals asked and we delivered.

In our vision of always giving out the best products and services
we teamed up with Craig Michaels from PLRNicheClub and he agreed
to give us his high-octane PLR Content.

Craig Michaels charges his members $47.00/month for the same
content that your subscribers/referrals will be getting for
free for being a valued member of PLReBookClub

====> Download Unique Private Label Rights & Resale Rights Products…

I personally know Craig and the PLR packages he delivers blows
most of the other stuff out of the water.

We are talking about 100% unique professional crafted ebooks,
salespages, and more.

Stay tuned for my next email to find out exactly when the changes
are coming.

However you can start promoting, as the brand new sales page is
converting at 4.67% as reported by Google Analytics.

====>Download Unique Private Label Rights & Resale Rights Products…

To Your Success,
Ludovic Louisdhon

P.S. If you’ve been sitting on the fence, I suggest you sign
up to PLReBookClub Affiliate Program now. Craig informed me
that he can only offer this for a limited time so don’t miss out
on this thanksgiving special.

====> PLR eBook Club Recurring Commission Monthly Affiliate Program

P.P.S. Really though… Craig charges $47/month, if you sign up
today your subscribers/referrals are getting access to 2 membership
sites for the price of one. Start promoting today. It only takes
about 4 sales to earn you about $100 a month,plus our exclusive
jv prizes. Don’t miss out, you were warned…

====> PLR eBook Club Recurring Commission Monthly Affiliate Program

Title: PLR eBook Club – Exclusively Limited!
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
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I don’t want this great community to miss out on a great opportunity.

Product is launching in 2 Hours. Conversions are looking very high at the moment.


Title: Paid to write – words into dollars
Main category: Business to Business
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Re-vamped copy for the 20,000word e-book on ‘online cash opportunities for writers’

Already gotten dozens of steller testimonials and easy sales.

Easy opportunity for any PPC expert, clean hop page and to-the-point copy. Affordable selling price with back-end upgrades.

View the new copy and design at
Hop page maker at the bottom.

Main category: Marketing & Ads
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New ClickBank product! I need your feedback.

RTFMBOOK is here and I need your feedback!
60% Commission on all sales.


All information is 100% real and verified by ClickBank.
I am approved and I am now on CB Datafeed.

The Idea:
This is a 413 Page book (will be released on Amazon as a PRINTED version later this year). The book is based on my detailed statistical reports (included in the download) of more than 26000 ClickBank transactions that I have accumulated over the last 4 years. It is a true story about my own experience with ClickBank and how I was able to generate more than $503,000 and counting. I have redirected more than 10,000,000 hits to ClickBank during this time. It’s true.

My CB account Ids are: ZMARKET, GOOGLEHOP, GUIDEDKING for those who tracked my affiliate referrals

All Products that have ever been sold by me analyzed on the site and TOP 50 PRODUCTS (BEST SELLERS) have been selected for complete analysis in the book.

One time charge of $19.95
(I don’t want to overcharge as the economy is still in a bad shape)

What do I need:
1) I want your honest opinion about the site (if you have questions I will answer ALL OF THEM, use Contact form on the site)

2) Tell my what do I need to change to attract YOU as my affiliate partner…

You can’t insult me with your ideas or suggestions. I will listen to ALL of you…
This is my First Product and I would like to make it a GOOD ONE!


Title: Private Label Rights Product Niche PLR eBooks – PLR eBook Club Membership 2009
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
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Click Here For more information about the PLR eBook Club Jv/Affiliate Program!

Title: Private Label Rights Product Niche PLR eBooks – PLR eBook Club Membership 2009
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
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The PLR eBook Club is the #1 PLR membership in ClickBank’s marketplace. Check out the stats here

Join the PLR eBook Club’s Affiliate Program, and earn a 60% Recurring Income for every sale you make. For more information, Click PLR eBook Club’s Affiliate Program

Title: Private Label Rights Product Niche PLR eBooks – PLR eBook Club Membership 2009
Main category: Fun & Entertainment
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There are a lot of websites today which sell PLR products, so that leads quite a few PLR affiliate programs. The question is, though – do private label rights affiliate programs really pay off?

To receive a positive answer here, there are a few conditions which must be met in order for it to be worthwhile to promote a particular PLR website:

1. PLR Products offered – regardless of the type of PLR website it is – a membership website, or a one-at-a-time PLR package-type website, the content must be good quality or better. For the pick-and-pay PLR websites, which offers users a choice on topics, article packages, reports, eCourses, and eBooks – the selection has to be varied quite a bit. If you’re planning on promoting a private label rights website – it should have something substantive to offer it’s members, otherwise, you’ll likely suffer from poor conversions.
2. Prices for membership / PLR packages – private label rights content should not rival ghostwriting rates, otherwise, there’s no point in even selling it. PLR content, by definition, is supposed to be affordable, if not cheap. People do not want to pay an average of $3 or more per article; in fact, many PLR websites charge $2 or less per article. If a PLR website that you are considering promoting charges more than $2 per article, on average, be sure that those extreme costs are justified; otherwise, you’ll likely be wasting your time and effort promoting these types of websites.
3. Your audience – private label rights products are predominantly purchased by internet marketers, and the niche is relatively small, comparatively speaking. If you cater to the “make money at home” crowd, there’s a good chance that your audience is fitting for PLR products, however, if you cater to a subset of that group, such as freelancers, trying to push PLR products on them may not yield the best results. Now, on this point – while the group of people who buy PLR products is relatively small, they are very willing to spend money on PLR products, oftentimes on a regular basis, once they find a good supplier. Repeat sales can more than make up for the relatively small niche of PLR content buyers.
4. The affiliate program script – while affiliate program scripts come in all flavors, shapes, and sizes – there are a couple of must-have qualities that they posses, if you want to promote a website that can reasonably ensure that you are credited with each sale you refer. They should offer a minimum of 30-days for the tracking cookies, preferably 60-to-90 days. Also, because cookie-tracking can be so unreliable for certain users, especially computer-savvy individuals, the affiliate program should have either a session ID tracking method in place, or an IP-address tracking method in place as backups. While session IDs will only last as long as the visitor is on the website during their first visit, at least you will get a sale there if the buyer buys. Cookie-only tracking for affiliate programs is archaic, and should not be relied upon as the sole means of referral tracking. It’s an added bonus if the affiliate program that you’re considering joining allows you the option to track your affiliate-link hits, create tracking campaigns, and track conversion rates.

Bottom line – promoting PLR products through an affiliate program can certainly be worth it, so long as you find a website offering good-or-better PLR products, you have an audience who will purchase PLR content, and the affiliate program script offers comprehensive referral tracking. There are plenty of ways to make money online, and supplying marketers with the tools they need to make money with their businesses is a sure-fire way for you to make yours.

PLR eBook Club is a high quality private label rights product provider, and offers an affiliate program which pays a 60% recurring/monthly commission.

Visit the PLR eBook Club’s Affiliate Program Page for Information!

Title: Website 4 Ransom- Hold Websites For Ransom And Make Big Bucks
Main category: Marketing & Ads
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Ok, so were live and approved..

Affiliate section has a long list of super cheap keywords, we have 70+ PLR articles to spin, a custom audio for your landing pages, and I’m busy making graphics..

Special Affiliate offer till May 1st..

Any affiliate who sends 50 hops a day or 800 hops before May 1st receives an extra 10% on top of the standard 75% CB commissions.. Just Email me on May 2nd with your CD username and Paypal ID and I will send 10% of all your sales extra!

From now till May 1st, we are running a promotional price of $39.99 to ensure quick response. Use this offer and run with it, it’ll give ya a little extra selling juice.. On May 2nd, the price goes up to it’s permanent price of $47.99

Hit me with concerns or questions..