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Title: Internet Marketer Genius Pack
Website: http://moneymakeracademy.com/Internet-Marketer-Genius-Pack/
Main category: Business to Business
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http://moneymakeracademy.com/Internet-Marketer-Genius-Pack/ gravity trends

moneymakeracademy.com gravity trends

Hello Affiliates,

A new product in CB is just running, I’m recruiting affiliates to sell the product and earn up to $50 on each sale that’s 1500 at least per month.


Internet Marketer Genius Pack
10 Parts Complete Course, Well Explained And Methodically Organized Thanks To Their Internet Marketer Experience, These Parts Will Show You The Whole Puzzle Pieces And Not Only Small Useless Parts Of The Big Picture. Exclusive Bonus – Five Awesome Marketing Tools You Can USE for your website !

Part 1 : Home Based Business Ideas Starter Guide
Part 2 : Create Your Online Business
Part 3 : Internet Marketing ABC
Part 4 : Online Niches HOW-TO
Part 5 : Network Marketing Booster
Part 6 : 1500 Marketing Strategies
Part 7 : TOP 15 Marketing FAQ
Part 8 : Membership Sites Golden Volcano
Part 9 : Your Cash Website From A to Z
Part 10 : Proven Traffic Tactics

Internet Marketing Genius Pack TO YOUR GUARANTEED ONLINE SUCCESS !

Good Luck for everybody


Title: Virtual Cash Secrets
Website: http://www.virtualcashsecrets.com
Main category: Marketing & Ads
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There are a large number of affiliate products out there but I want to recommend one that is a real winner! This presents an opportunity to sell a product that is the biggest area of interest on the internet. Want to know the subject?

Its Making Money on the Internet and “Virtual Cash Secrets” is the product that is taking the internet by storm!

Virtual Cash Secrets will show you that this is the easiest way to start a business and it requires no specialist computer knowledge.

Want to quit your job and make money from home? – Then this is the EBook to show you how.

Want to make money, serious money? – Then this is the EBook to show you how.

Want to sell information products profitably online? – Then this is the EBook to show you how.

Want to sell PLR products online and make money from other peoples products? – Then this is the EBook to show you how.

No matter how you prefer to make money online, this EBook will show you step by step how to go about the process. All the secrets to starting your own successful online business are here and all you need to do is follow the instructions to start generating a real income. If you follow the guidance in this EBook you can generate enough income to quit that job you hate and start earning a full time living the way you want.

So for a real opportunity – join my affiliate program now and start selling the most popular internet product available!


Title: 30DayWealth.com – Rick Went From Zero to $30
Website: http://www.30daywealth.com
Main category: Money & Employment
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30daywealth.com gravity trends

Hey guys. I am very happy to say that 30DayWealth.com has had some great success so far. With that being said you can never be completely satisfied and I have recently re-created the sales page. This new version is converting even better! Affiliates jump on board if you want to promote a website that converts!

The new sales page: http://www.30daywealth.com

The affiliate page: http://www.30daywealth.com/affiliates.html

I would love some feedback. If there are any tools anybody wants or any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Title: Make a Full-Time Income Online From Buying
Website: http://www.wealthfromdomains.com/
Main category: Computing & Internet
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Hey Fellow DigitalPoint Members,

My name is Kristopher and as a member here for almost a year now, I want to give all my friends here in the forums the first chance to become an Affiliate Partner for my Brand New Domain Name Investing Guide:

"Wealth From Domains"


You may think that the Domain Name Industry is Dead….Well, the INDUSTRY IS FAR FROM DEAD!!

As a matter of fact, the Industry has undergone a HUGE transformation in the past few months, creating a highly lucrative opportunity for HUGE PROFITS….if you know where to look.

The chance to see growth that is BIGGER than the value increases seen in the early part of the decade are currently taking place. Here are a few Myths & Facts about the Domains Industry Right now:

Myth: All the Good .COM’s are taken!
Fact: This statement is only about 75% true. The reality is that all the good one-word and two-word ".COM" phrases are pretty much taken.

HOWEVER, with the growing importance of Keyword Phrase Relevancy in the Search Engines (ie: Google), three-word and four-word Domain Names are still wide open!! You just need to know how to find them…

Myth: The .COM is All Anyone Cares About!
Fact: Wow, this could not be further from the truth! Especially today, after what the industry is heading towards.

Now, it is true that a .NET or .INFO is not typically worth as much as a .COM, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell either of those for THOUSANDS of dollars a pop!! It happens ALL THE TIME.

Myth: The United States is the Only Country that Matters Online.
Fact: Newsflash folks, the U.S. is a lot smaller in population compared to countires like India and China, which are growing at insane rates. If you don’t think that these countires will want to be online and have their own regional specific "dot whatever" then you are crazy.

Myth: You Have to Build a Website to Make Money with Domains.
Fact: This is just ridiculous. There are literally people out there that earn $10,000 per month JUST from having a single web page on their Domain. No web design skills required to play in this game!!

Myth: It’s Too Expesnive to Get in to the Domain Game!
Fact: Did you know that it only costs around $8 (USD) to register a Domain for an entire year? That’s the cost of lunch for most people these days!

For this measly sum of money, you can be the proud new owner of a piece of Virtual Real Estate! A piece of property that can give you a Return On Investment (ROI) in the hundreds of percents or higher!


As a Domainer for 3 years now, I have bought an sold many Domains using the strategies listed in my Guide. So, you can be sure that the contents are the most up to date and legit possible!!


As a JV Partner with my "Wealth From Domains" guide, you can easily add a huge portion of revenue to your bottom line. I put together a high-quality, informative guide that is an easily sell for anyone in the Domain/Make Money Online/Internet Business Niche.

I have partnered with the largest digital retailer, ClickBank to make it easy for you to promote the guide. This guide is easily in the top 10% of the products sold on Clickbank.

Start Making Money as an Affiliate for "Wealth From Domains" Now!!

Learn More Here: http://www.wealthfromdomains.com/affiliates.html

I urge you to contact me with any questions about being an Affiliate for my brand new Guide. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

With your knowledge and my quality product you can start building a serious income stream as an Affiliate for "Wealth From Domains," the BEST guide to Domain Name Investing for the 2010′s!!

Learn More About My Product Below:

Best of Luck,


Title: Snap Crackle Profit – Make money online quick and easy!
Website: http://snapcrackleprofit.com
Main category: Marketing & Ads
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snapcrackleprofit.com gravity trends

Not really, sorry.

I only know how to make $500,000 in a week but I can’t tell you how, sorry to disappoint you.

Anyway, here is a way to at least make some money! It’s a really cool new Clickbank product. It’s really a beginner’s guide to making money online:


It is a step-by-step guide for people that are just starting out. It will teach them EXACTLY how to make a website, add products and promote it. It really is an informative guide that will help many people!

The price is set at $47 and you get 50% so you will make over $20 per sale. We are also running a really cool bonus contest that gives our top two affiliates an extra $2 on ALL of OUR sales every month. That’s right, ALL of our sales.

So in November, if we sell 1000 copies and you are our top affiliate having sold say…40 copies…we will pay you an extra $2 on the 1000 copies that we sold, not just the 40 you sold! That’s 2 GRAND on 40 copies!

We have an affiliates page linked at the bottom so check that out two. We are working on some more graphics now.

If you have any feedback, maybe PM it to me….no meanies please! Thanks for looking everyone.

Title: 30DayWealth.com – Zero to $30
Website: http://www.30daywealth.com
Main category: Money & Employment
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http://www.30daywealth.com gravity trends

30daywealth.com gravity trends

Hey everybody, Clickbank has approved 30daywealth.com and it is in the marketplace! The website is great and is guaranteed to convert extremely well. Also, just as I have said in previous threads, the product is of incredible quality and this will result in the lowest amount of refunds possible!

Will be posting conversion screenshots as soon as possible!

Product Price: $47

Commission: 75%

Sales page: http://www.30daywealth.com

Affiliate page: http://www.30daywealth.com/affiliates.html (Coming Soon)

Your HopLink will be: http://xxxxx.daywealth.hop.clickbank.net/

Make the money you deserve as an affiliate!

Title: Loot4Leads.com Make Money with CPA Offers Power Program
Website: http://loot4leads.com
Main category: Money & Employment
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loot4leads.com gravity trends

ANNOUNCING: Loot4Leads – CPA Power Program & VIP Membership

Launch Date: Oct 20th

Making money with CPA networks is one of the HOTTEST IM niches right now. There’s tons of buzz about cpa marketing, networks, etc.

I’ve put together a clear cut and rock solid blueprint for the newbie all the way to the advanced marketer. There’s also tons of resources, tools, 1 on 1 coaching that will make conversions and your commissions HUGE!

3 Easy Ways to Earn $160+ Per Sale!

  • Earn 60% on All Sales at $77 (Front End)
  • Earn 60% on All One Time Offers at $97 (OTO)
  • Earn 60% Monthly on Recurring Sales at $97 (Back End)

Just 1 Sign Up Could Earn You: $162.60 + $58.20 recurring each month!!!

Make sure you get signed up here for all the resources and chance to win BIG prizes:

I’ll be giving away new LED flat screen TV’s and more! I’ve already done a "soft" launch to test conversions and top affiliates are converting at $2.70 per hop! Any questions, just let me know…

Title: www.riskfreefootball.com
Website: http://www.laythebest.co.uk
Main category: Money & Employment
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laythebest.co.uk gravity trends

Hi there,

First of all, I offer my apologies for being new to this forum – I only stumbled across the site recently as I have just started to actively market over the last two months.

I am looking for affiliates and/or marketing advice for my horse racing tipping website (www.laythebest.co.uk).

I appreciate that this is a taboo niche, so it will not be everyone’s cup of tea, however here are the facts to date:

* The site was established in June 2006 and originally sold a betting system eBook product (Paypal sales only) with the only marketing strategy employed being Adwords.

* I recently converted the site into a tipping service based on the original eBook and have decided to switch to Clickbank to gain affiliates.

* Since the re-launch in August 2009, I have been proofing our results to the Racing Post (leading newspaper for the UK horse racing market) and I will be advertising with them by the end of October 2009.

* The new landing page has been converting really well, with 1 sale being made for every 21 hops (Results based on 2 Clickbank Affiliates, as I have only just started to look for affiliates.)

* You will receive a 50% commission of sales on a monthly recurring basis for the life of the customer. Sales are £50, so after Clickbank fees, you will receive around £22.15. Our customer retention rate is very good (94% of first month customers stayed on for the second month), as our results are genuine.

Now about me – I am an experienced horse racing professional with over 25 years of experience. I am very customer service orientated and I am very confident that customers referred will stay signed up for a very long period.

I am more than qualified to operate this service successfully; however I have no web design or marketing experience. The website has been developed for me and I am now looking for affiliates and new ways to market the website.

If you would like to be an affiliate, or you have any constructive advice, please PM me or reply to this thread.

Thanks for taking the time out to read.

Paul Simmons

Title: Contracting Riches
Website: http://www.contractingriches.com
Main category: Money & Employment
Current gravity: contractingriches.com$grav

http://www.contractingriches.com gravity trends

contractingriches.com gravity trends

Hello, this is actually a re-launch of my product. I had site issues (could not be viewed in Firfox as well as it should have been) and I did not meet DP’s rules as to the number of needed post to post here! My mistake(s), however..

My ebook is an absolute seller in this economy. Why?

1. I made a small fortune as a contractor for the Federal Government.

2. The Federal Government Alone spent over 500 Billion Dollars on contarcts
last year alone (a new record). And most people DO Not know they could do this~!

3. Anyone is eligible to be a contractor! I have a friend that cleans one "small" building for the feds which takes him only 15 hours a week and he
banks over 30K annually!

4. Why look for a job instead of creating your own? How many mid level execs are on the street right now? They are perfect for this.

5. Did I mention, college grads? One report on NBC profiled Stanford and said that over 50% of them would still be looking for a "job" after 1 year. AND 80% of the ones employeed, after graduation would be working jobs below their education. I am paraphrasing here, but you get the idea.

6. I teach ANYONE everything it took me 15 years to learn. That is Valuable, I would have bought this if it would have been available when I began.

As of now, I have had what I consider good conversion rates (after redoing
the site 2999000 times). This is a niche market that is basically untapped, and if you are are true marketer that understands that it is easier to do something unique vs what everyone else is doing, this may be for you.

I am willing to work earnestly with any of you that sign up with me. Whether it be via this forum, email or by phone. I believe in this course, I know it will
really help people, and I know that it can make my partners money!

Wow, lots of talk…. my site is www.contractingriches.com and if you click on
the affilliate link all the info is there on your hop links, also have some banners
and text ads and will provide you with a solid email ad that is converting good for me!

Thanks for looking, and any advice is appreciated. I set the comm. at 75% because I know that is what it takes in this market, but mainly because I want to RECRUIT partners! PS I do not have any pop ups, etc. I want you
to get the commission on your sales period!

Title: 11OCP11
Website: http://www.onlinecashpump.com/index.php?apid=A100000O&apflag=1&hop=0
Main category: Money & Employment
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http://www.onlinecashpump.com/index.php?apid=A100000O&apflag=1&hop=0 gravity trends

onlinecashpump.com gravity trends

Hey Guys,

Just launched new BizOpp offer on CB.

Last two weeks I’ve been testing it and improving. Conversions went from 4% on day one to as high as 16% on some days. First had it setup with PayPal and just switched it to CB links.

Check it out:

Site: http://www.onlinecashpump.com/

Affiliate Page: http://www.onlinecashpump.com/affiliates/

Product price: $47 (you keep 75%)
Second chance offer: $17 (you keep 75%)

Test details:

  • 3 product review style landing page
  • AdCenter PPC and content network
  • Converts 1:10 on average.
  • Distribution between hopping for $47 and $17 offers is roughly 50/50
  • Refund rate 8%

Give it a test shot, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Go get your link and advertising tools here: http://www.onlinecashpump.com/affiliates/

And start promoting it today!

Let me know if you need any help.

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