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Title: Make Money with CPA Offers Power Program
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ANNOUNCING: Loot4Leads – CPA Power Program & VIP Membership

Launch Date: Oct 20th

Making money with CPA networks is one of the HOTTEST IM niches right now. There’s tons of buzz about cpa marketing, networks, etc.

I’ve put together a clear cut and rock solid blueprint for the newbie all the way to the advanced marketer. There’s also tons of resources, tools, 1 on 1 coaching that will make conversions and your commissions HUGE!

3 Easy Ways to Earn $160+ Per Sale!

  • Earn 60% on All Sales at $77 (Front End)
  • Earn 60% on All One Time Offers at $97 (OTO)
  • Earn 60% Monthly on Recurring Sales at $97 (Back End)

Just 1 Sign Up Could Earn You: $162.60 + $58.20 recurring each month!!!

Make sure you get signed up here for all the resources and chance to win BIG prizes:

I’ll be giving away new LED flat screen TV’s and more! I’ve already done a "soft" launch to test conversions and top affiliates are converting at $2.70 per hop! Any questions, just let me know…

Title: New Web Traffic Secrets
Main category: Business to Business
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Hello All,
I am pleased to announce the launch of my new Clickbank site called New Web 2.0 Traffic Secrets Videos which can be found here:

I am looking for affiliates who would like to earn 70% commissions from the sale of this Video Course. This video course will show you how to get traffic to your sites using Web 2.0 sites.

Affiliates go here to get your affiliate link and start earning 70%:

Mike Nagle

Title: 37PLR
Main category: Business to Business
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Hello All,

Mike Nagle here and I am pleased to announce the release of my new Clickbank site called Private Label Rights Audio Interviews over at:

It is over 6 GIGS of PLR products. 37 Audio Interview products in all.
You also get Private Label Rights to these products and a copy of my website so you can resell it. The Private Label Rights are transferrable so you can pass them on or sell them.

If you have a list or are good with Adwords then this should be an easy sell for you as people love new PLR.

Affiliates get 70% on this $67 product. To get your affiliate link go to:

This product is being launched by me via free methods so I can see how that goes and if it works.

Thanks for your help!


Title: Clickbank Pirate | Pillage & Plunder Clickbank For Autopilot Income
Main category: Business to Business
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The Shockingly Simple System That Can Make You
At Least $1,000 Per Month Without A Website Or
A Product Of Your Own!

Main category: Business to Business
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Hey guys,

We have a new survey site I have been sitting on for a while. We recently just started having our people go out and recruit new affiliates since we have refined our sales process and increased conversions significantly.

Right now you earn $31 per sale. Some affiliates are having conversions of about 5%. Currently there are only a couple of affiliates promoting but with your help hopefully that will soon change.

If you’re currently promoting Paid Survey sites… I urge you to give this a quick try. You pretty much have nothing to loose. Most paid survey sites only pay out $23.50 with conversions below 1.2% most times.

We have seen consistent conversions on average of 3% for all quality affiliate traffic and pay out $31 per sale. Plus we have just added bonuses.

Check out our affiliate page for more information

If you have a mailing list related to the work at home, home business or make money online niche… This is the perfect opportunity to blast out an email. The site converts well on email traffic as well.

Also, we have a huge list of over 28k work at home subscribers and will be willing to do AD SWAPS with people who send some sales via their mailing list to our survey site.

(PM ME for more details on adswaps)

Now, since this and DP and our site has an opt in page, I know there are a few people on here that think its a total waste of time to send traffic to an opt in page. THIS COULD NOT BE ANY FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

The reason why they think that is because they feel the main job of any sales process is to get the prospect to the ORDER FORM. And they think when you have an opt in page then less people will see your order form because they have to opt in first.

Well, that is partly true but then again…

With an opt in page, its even better because you weed out the tire kickers who probably would have not ordered your product in the first place. (Most times this is the case but the only way to know for sure is through testing)

Secondly, when ever you are using an opt in page on a website most people accept opt in rates of 15-30%. Our opt in page is currently converting at 55-65% on quality traffic. So that means more people will see the order page with our site compared to a regular opt in page that preforms averagely.
(We’ve been split testing for months)

Thirdly, we have done many split tests with and without the capture page and our tests have shown a huge increase on overall sales conversions with a capture page as oppose to not having one.

So if you’re a still none believer, you better start believing that sending traffic to capture pages (opt in page, squeeze page. Same thing.) is not always a complete waste of time. Besides, you really have to be careful who you take advice from online because anyone nowadays can come across as an expert when they don’t know JACK SQUAT!

Don’t get me wrong. In some cases you may be better off sending traffic to a normal landing page, but with our site a opt in page converts the best and we use them in all of our niches.

We only based numbers off of proven facts which in this case those facts are splits tests and other sales process data that we have accumulated over a long period of time.

Let me know if you guys have any questions.

Main category: Money & Employment
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Hi there,

First of all, I offer my apologies for being new to this forum – I only stumbled across the site recently as I have just started to actively market over the last two months.

I am looking for affiliates and/or marketing advice for my horse racing tipping website (

I appreciate that this is a taboo niche, so it will not be everyone’s cup of tea, however here are the facts to date:

* The site was established in June 2006 and originally sold a betting system eBook product (Paypal sales only) with the only marketing strategy employed being Adwords.

* I recently converted the site into a tipping service based on the original eBook and have decided to switch to Clickbank to gain affiliates.

* Since the re-launch in August 2009, I have been proofing our results to the Racing Post (leading newspaper for the UK horse racing market) and I will be advertising with them by the end of October 2009.

* The new landing page has been converting really well, with 1 sale being made for every 21 hops (Results based on 2 Clickbank Affiliates, as I have only just started to look for affiliates.)

* You will receive a 50% commission of sales on a monthly recurring basis for the life of the customer. Sales are £50, so after Clickbank fees, you will receive around £22.15. Our customer retention rate is very good (94% of first month customers stayed on for the second month), as our results are genuine.

Now about me – I am an experienced horse racing professional with over 25 years of experience. I am very customer service orientated and I am very confident that customers referred will stay signed up for a very long period.

I am more than qualified to operate this service successfully; however I have no web design or marketing experience. The website has been developed for me and I am now looking for affiliates and new ways to market the website.

If you would like to be an affiliate, or you have any constructive advice, please PM me or reply to this thread.

Thanks for taking the time out to read.

Paul Simmons

Title: Contracting Riches
Main category: Money & Employment
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Hello, this is actually a re-launch of my product. I had site issues (could not be viewed in Firfox as well as it should have been) and I did not meet DP’s rules as to the number of needed post to post here! My mistake(s), however..

My ebook is an absolute seller in this economy. Why?

1. I made a small fortune as a contractor for the Federal Government.

2. The Federal Government Alone spent over 500 Billion Dollars on contarcts
last year alone (a new record). And most people DO Not know they could do this~!

3. Anyone is eligible to be a contractor! I have a friend that cleans one "small" building for the feds which takes him only 15 hours a week and he
banks over 30K annually!

4. Why look for a job instead of creating your own? How many mid level execs are on the street right now? They are perfect for this.

5. Did I mention, college grads? One report on NBC profiled Stanford and said that over 50% of them would still be looking for a "job" after 1 year. AND 80% of the ones employeed, after graduation would be working jobs below their education. I am paraphrasing here, but you get the idea.

6. I teach ANYONE everything it took me 15 years to learn. That is Valuable, I would have bought this if it would have been available when I began.

As of now, I have had what I consider good conversion rates (after redoing
the site 2999000 times). This is a niche market that is basically untapped, and if you are are true marketer that understands that it is easier to do something unique vs what everyone else is doing, this may be for you.

I am willing to work earnestly with any of you that sign up with me. Whether it be via this forum, email or by phone. I believe in this course, I know it will
really help people, and I know that it can make my partners money!

Wow, lots of talk…. my site is and if you click on
the affilliate link all the info is there on your hop links, also have some banners
and text ads and will provide you with a solid email ad that is converting good for me!

Thanks for looking, and any advice is appreciated. I set the comm. at 75% because I know that is what it takes in this market, but mainly because I want to RECRUIT partners! PS I do not have any pop ups, etc. I want you
to get the commission on your sales period!

Title: CBENGINE – ClickBank Marketplace
Main category: Marketing & Ads
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Is there a website or service that does what do…but freeeeeee…..

I would like a one stop shop where I can securely log into all of my clickbank accounts..

I use to do that with cbengine, but that stopped yesterday, so I am looking around for another.

Main category: Money & Employment
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Hi Guys,

I’d like to introduce you to our new ClickBank affiliate program.This is a paid survey affiliate program. – Pays 75% on $49.99. Great conversions. Killer content. Low refunds.

If you have any questions just drop us a note.


Title: How to Fly Cheap! Low Cost Airfare Secrets Revealed!
Main category: Money & Employment
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"Fly Cheap! Airfare Secrets Revealed" converts at 1:36 and is ready to earn for you.

The leader in this market has a gravity of over 87, so there are many affiliates making sales in this niche every single day and this product is significantly better than the leader.

Go to for more info and screenshots.

Search the marketplace for "airfare" or "flycheap1", or fill your ID into the link below:

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