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Title: 500 Romantic Ideas
Main category: Home & Family
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Hello Everyone,

New CB product being released next week May 12 2009.

Pre-orders are in full swing and this product is HOT, HOT, HOT!

500 Romantic Ideas + 3 Special Bonuses

The niche is good all year long and really picks up around the holidays and special events. This is a perfect product for anyone running relationship based sites or holiday based sites. PPC is cheap and we have included keywords that convert on our affiliate page (see link below)

With that being said …

We are running an affiliate promotion contest along with the release. Here is how it will work.

$200 Giveaway :eek:

The first 10 affiliates who make a sale with get a brand new, crisp $20 bill delivered via PayPal. Once you make a sale send us an email using the link on our affiliate page. Include your CB ID and PayPal address. We will post the 10 winners here.

Pre-Order Page –

Actual Sales Page – – (will be live on May 12)

Affiliate Tools – – (more tools will be added next week)

Be sure to sign up for the affiliate opt-in. We won’t send you anything unless it is directly related to one of our products, how to promote it or specials deals and promotions we are running.

Post questions here or email us using the address on the affiliate page.

Title: Second Chance Romance – How To Win Your Ex Back Now
Main category: Home & Family
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Hey DP Members,

I came out with the product just a few months or so and have been testing it like a mad man.

Second Chance Romance – How To Win Your Ex Back

Sales Page:
Affiliate Page:

Commission is 75%, which comes to about $26 a sale. On the affiliate page you will see Bonus Material, Pay Per Click examples, Specific Landing Page Links, Banners & Graphics, Articles, Emails, and some other stuff to help you promote it.

I’m currently looking for affiliates and Instead of me trying to hype my product up and tell you a bunch of BS like most merchants… I’m just going to show you REAL results.

(These results are from the affiliate account I’ve been testing my product with.)

If you have any questions… Let me know!


PS – If you try your hop link and you don’t see your affiliate id at the end… Don’t worry! I’ve done that on purpose and if you check at the bottom of the order page you’ll see it’s working correctly. Just wanted to clear that up!

Title: Beating your Breakup – How to stop a breakup & get your ex back – learn from a veteran
Main category: Home & Family
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Hi digitalpoint!

I’m kind of new to all this so I’ll try and make this post as helpful as possible, because I want you to make a lot of money with my new guide.

I just put out my book a few days ago and it’s already had 2 sales from two seperate affiliates!

Here’s a screenshot of how much it’s already making:

We’re currently seeing a ~3% conversion rate or 1:33 hops and I’d love it if you could come on board to make some money with it!!

You can see the site here.

You can see the affiliate resources here.

Clickbank id = "BEATBREAK"


One of our affiliates has just started direct linking from AdWords and he’s already got a asale. So imagine what will happen if you pre-sell or use a landing page.

Also, I’ve got lots of article marketing tips that are guaranteed to get sales with this book. Just PM me and I’ll send you them.

If you want to start promoting a product, this is your best bet. I can show you the best way to start making money right away!

Also, if you respond to this thread, I’ll set up 100% commission for your first sale. I’m serious about getting this out to the market so I want you guys to make as much money as possible.

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